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sometimes you gotta work your garden
sometimes you gotta let it grow
theres a time to let things rise and a time to
cut em down low

fruit ripens and falls leaves drop one and all
and man you gotta let em go
cause you can savor a thing but to cling is a dream
that you hate and that youve had before

sometimes when you walk through your garden to see how things
are comin along
youre gonna hear a little songbird sing and youre gonna wanna
whistle that song
that little birdy is singing himself and you know he cant sing it wrong
you learn that lesson well im guessin your garden is comin in strong

be patient oh be wise
quit drinkin all those pesticides
somethins growin in your soul its gonna hurt
life aint nothin but sticks and dirt in your garden

some things move slow in your garden
some things move soon
anytime when things are movin just right wont last but for an afternoon
learn well how your garden moves pay heed to the sun and the moon
cause you can tend and reap but you cant control whether its rain or a monsoon

dont worry bout stayin in the lines
nothin works right in a nervous mind
mans got a soul that can unhinge
you be careful what you let come steppin in
your garden


from Solitary Americana, released February 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Barrett Brooks Durham, North Carolina

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